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Faster Speeds. Dedicated Service.
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Faster Speeds. Dedicated Service.

This site is dedicated to helping bring state-of-the-art broadband Internet services to Middle Tennessee.  This site gives you the power to help us bring new technology and faster Internet speeds to your area by pre-registering your address and sharing this information with your friends and neighbors. 

United Communications Fiber and newly acquired Athena Broadband fixed wireless technology will help speed the delivery of faster Internet speeds to more customers across Middle Tennessee.  

Where United Fiber service is already available, customers enjoy Internet speeds up to 1 GIGABIT (1,000 Mbps).  Plus, your connection to our network is always backed by our local, dedicated customer service and technical support teams.

So don't wait another minute- Register today as one of our campaign backers, and help us bring high-speed Internet service to you!  

UniFi 100

  • Voice and Calling Features
  • Fiber Internet up to 100mbps download / 25mbps upload

UniFi 100 Triple Play

  • Fiber Internet with speeds up to 100mbps download /25mbps upload
  • Digital Essential Channel Lineup
  • Crystal-Clear Voice service and calling features
  • Additional fees apply for Channel Lineup Selection, # of TVs, HD, and DVR services

UniFi 250

  • Fiber Internet up to 250 mbps dowload / 50mbps upload
  • Crystal-Clear Voice and Calling Features

UniFi 250 Triple Play

  • Fiber Internet with speeds up to 250mbps / 25mbps
  • Digital Essential Channel Lineup
  • Crystal-Clear Voice service and calling features
  • Additional fees apply for Channel Lineup Selection, # of TVs, HD, and DVR services


  • Fiber Internet up to 1 GIG: 1,000 mbps dowload / 100 mbps upload
  • Crystal-Clear Voice and calling features

UniFi Gig Triple Play

  • Fiber Internet with speeds up to 1 GIG: 1,000 mbps/100mbps
  • Digital Essential Channel Line-up
  • Crystal-Clear Voice and calling features
  • Additional fees apply for Channel Lineup Selection, # of TVs, HD, and DVR services

Zones United Service Area

Areas where we are gathering interest for future fiber construction

Zones In Pre-Registration

Planning is complete and construction will start as soon as the goal is met.

UniFi Campaign Hits 1,000 Backers!

6:23pm May 8, 2017

United Communications reached a major milestone last week in their campaign to speed broadband deployment in Middle Tennessee.  In less than 5 months, more than 1,000 residents across Middle Tennessee have visited https://fiber.united.net to register their name and address and express interest in fiber services.  "We have been thrilled with the number of registrations for United Fiber on our new site, said Director of Marketing and Customer Engagement, Missy Michaels. "We want to continue to encourage Middle Tennessee residents to register and share this information with neighbors who may be interested in United Fiber. There is no obligation to sign-up and registrations will be a key driver of United's future fiber expansion plans," indicated Michaels.  

United Fiber provides access to the fastest Internet speeds available in the country, ranging from 25mbps up to 1 Gigabit (1,000 mbps).  To date, United has deployed new fiber services to over 5,300 locations across Middle Tennessee and has earmarked 10 additional areas for future fiber service later this year.  There are also plans to add several more areas to their growing list of fiber expansion areas over the next several months as part of their Middle Tennessee Connectivity Initiative. 

United Communications Adds Ninth Fiber Goal Zone in 2017

11:04am March 6, 2017

United annouced the launch of a new fiber pre-registration zone in Marshall County.  This latest fiber goal zone includes approximately 250 homes around the Verona Caney area of Chapel Hill, TN, that have been pre-engineered for fiber service. To date United has launched nine fiber goal zones across three counties, and nearly 800 residents have already signed up to be UniFi backers.  Below is the latest update on fiber pre-registrations in exsiting goal zones. Remember, you have the power to bring fiber to your street by sharing this information with neighbors and asking them to regsiter as  a UniFi backer.  You can send this information through Email, Facebook, Twitter, or you can also mail postcards to neighbors as well.  For any additional information or questions, email getfiber@united.net

Old Unionville Road added to growing list of Fiber Pre-registration Zones

1:18pm February 24, 2017

United recently opened a new UniFi goal zone in the Old Unionville Road area of Unionville, TN.  This residential area includes approximately 200 Bedford County homes. To date, United has upgraded nearly 5,000 locations across Middle Tennessee with new fiber connections. Since January, United has launched nine new fiber goal zones across three counties in Middle Tennessee encompassing nearly 2,000 more homes targeted for new fiber services in 2017.  

First Fiber Goal Zone hits Backer Goal in Williamson County

10:34am February 21, 2017

United is excited to annouce our very first goal zone hit its target number of backers!   That means UniFi fiber service is now available to all residents located in the Concord Forest subdivision in Williamson County.  All registered UniFi backers in this area will be contacted to set up new fiber service installation appointments. 

United Adds New Fiber Goal Zone in Marshall County

10:54am February 17, 2017

Based on early pre-registrations, United has established a new UniFi goal zone in the Caney Springs area of Chapel Hill, TN  inside Marshall County.  This residential area includes approximately 400 homes.  Since December United has launched eight goal zones across three counties in Middle Tennessee encompassing nearly 1800 homes targeted for new fiber services.  Below is a fiber backer update on the current United fiber registration goal zones currently in progress. 

 Goal Zone Update

United adds Brentwood subdivision to growing list of UniFi pre-registration zones

5:07pm January 31, 2017

United announced another new fiber pre-registration zone in the southeastern portion of Brentwood in Williamson County.  This is the seventh area United has earmarked for new fiber services since December.  Concord Forest subdivision includes approximately 125 homes on Forest Trail Drive, Heather Place, Quiet Lane, and Ridgewood Lane. Customer can now sign-up to pre-register for UniFi Fiber service. 


New Fiber Goal Zone annouced in Marshall County

11:52am January 24, 2017

United annouced the launch of a new fiber pre-registration zone in Marshall County.  This latest fiber goal zone includes several streets in and around the Stoneybrook subdivision located in Chapel Hill, TN.   This area of Chapel Hill includes approximately 250 homes that have been pre-engineered for fiber service with a required fiber backer goal needed in order to begin fiber-to-the-home construction.  This brings the total number of UniFi backers to nearly 400 customers across four counties in Middle Tennessee.  If you are located in this or other fiber goal zones, you may register your address and share with friends and neighbors to help drive UniFi backer registrations in your area. 

Backer Update

New Fiber Goal Zone announced in Davidson County

3:53pm January 16, 2017

United Communications latest project to expand fiber Internet includes the Cane Ridge area located in Antioch, TN in Davidson County.  United has designated approximately 450 homes in the Cane Ridge Farms subdivision as their next fiber expansion project in 2017. Customers in this area can pre-register to sign up for UniFi fiber bundles that include voice, Internet, and digital TV service bundle options. Once this area reaches  the customer registration goal, United will begin the process of building out fiber-to-the-home connections to residents.  Residents of southern Davidson County have expressed interest in faster Internet speeds to support the use of multiple devices, wireless connectivity, video streaming services, and gaming.  We encourage residents in these areas to pre-register to help us bring UniFi fiber services to their area to support the fast growing demand for more bandwidth in the home.   

New Fiber Goal Zone annouced in Bedford County

5:22pm January 9, 2017

We opened a new fiber pre-registration zone today in Bedford County.  This orange pre-registration zone includes the Deer Point area in located inside in the Unionville service area boundary.  This area has been pre-engineered for fiber service with a required fiber backer goal needed in order to begin fiber-to-the-home construction.  If you are located in this fiber pre-registration zone or know someone who is, you have the opportunity to help bring fiber to this area faster by asking others to register their address on this site as a UniFi backer.   You help us spread the word and we'll keep working hard to deliver fiber connections and faster Internet speeds to more of our customers across Middle Tennessee. 

Two New Fiber Goal Zones announced in Williamson County

12:20pm December 21, 2016

Based on early interest and response, United is excited to announce the release of  two new pre-registration fiber zones in Williamson County.  These orange pre-registration zones include West College Grove/Grove Park and Edwards Grove located inside in the College Grove service area boundaries.  Each of these areas has already been pre-engineered for fiber service with a required fiber backer goal needed in order to begin fiber-to-the-home construction.  If you are located in one of these orange zones or know someone who is, this is your opportunity to spread the news and let them know they have the power to bring fiber to their area faster by registering their address on this site as a UniFi backer. 


United launches UniFi campaign to speed fiber deployment in Middle Tennessee

6:08pm December 19, 2016

United Communications is excited to announce the launch of a new interactive fiber campaign and website aimed at giving customers the ability to help determine when and where United will deploy fiber-to-the-home services in the future.  To date, United has invested more than $90 million in their Middle Tennessee network and deployed fiber services to more than 5,000 locations across their Middle Tennessee service area.  As a result, they can deliver high-speed Internet with speeds up to 1 GIGABIT (1,000 mbps), digital TV and crystal -clear phone services to residents across their mainly rural Middle Tennessee service area.  

The ultimate goal of United's UniFi campaign is to identify the broadband needs of residents and businesses across the mid-state.  The new United UniFi campaign website,  gives residents and businesses the power to pre-register to express interest in United fiber service.  All that is required is a name, address, and product or service selection.  The site provides customers with an interactive map broken down into 3 distinct zones: existing fiber service locations, pre-engineered fiber areas that will require an established customer backer goal to begin fiber-to-the-home construction, and general areas of fiber interest under review for future fiber deployment. Once a customer is registered as a "UniFi backer" they have the ability to easily share the information with friends and neighbors who may be interested in signing up for United fiber services.  

"We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish in order to bring fiber Internet and faster speeds to customers over the last few years, and we believe this new UniFi fiber campaign is going to be a game changer for future fiber deployment in our service area, said United Communications President and CEO, William Bradford.  "As a company who is literally in the trenches of broadband deployment, we know there is an extremely high demand for bandwidth across the state and we realize the need for broadband is only going to continue to grow.  The next critical step to expanding broadband, is to give customers the power to express interest in new services and faster speeds, and then meet that demand head on. Simultaneously, while the company pushes fiber service deployment across the area, we will also continue to focus our efforts making faster Internet speeds an option where fiber service is not currently available today." 

To learn more about United Communications UniFi campaign or to become a UniFi backer, please visit https://fiber.united.net. You can also follow United Communications on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on fiber construction updates and information about United products and services.

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UniFi Campaign - John Thomason

5:04pm February 12, 2018

John Thomason

I live on Owen Hill Rd and I see that some houses on are road have service. I hope you continue expanding on Owen Hill.

UniFi Campaign - Stephen Talley

10:38pm January 31, 2018

Stephen Talley

Hi! I am soon to be a resident of the Ivan Creek neighborhood. Coming from Atlanta and can’t wait to get here. I see that service is literally one street over from Ivan Creek on Savage Pointe. I don’t see the Ivan Creek neighborhood listed as an area that is being considered but I was told verbally we were getting the service soon...is there a reason the neighborhood is not listed on the map as in progress like other areas that are building interest and moving towards the numbers goal? Really enjoyed chatting with the Rep over there and hoping to get your services soon! I would think every home in the neighborhood would sign up...

UniFi Campaign - Rebecca Gabbard

4:35pm January 9, 2018

Rebecca Gabbard

I live in the Peytonsville area, work from home in healthcare IT and would benefit greatly from better internet speed. I currently do not have any access to broadband and must rely on a cantenna or as I define it a glorified hotspot. Restrained by data plan speeds and allowances in order to complete work, would like to have the option of better speed, cost effective service in my area.

UniFi Campaign - Sam Noy

10:21am January 5, 2018

Sam Noy

We have a lot of residents on Peytonsville Arno Rd who are interested in Fiber and new homes are being built on the road as well. I know that many will sign up for Fiber if it becomes available.

UniFi Campaign - Daniel Johnson

5:48pm December 8, 2017

Daniel Johnson

I live on Burke Hollow Road near the Wilson Pike end. I can get 15-20 people to sign up for fiber around the end of Burke Hollow. We have ATT DSL right now and new people moving to the area or customers that have dropped ATT can no longer get service. ATT says everything is capped. We desperately need services out here and United already has poles on our property and the lines come through. We just don't have service. Would love some advice on this and some more people if possible.

UniFi Campaign - Wesley Hiter

9:51am November 29, 2017

Wesley Hiter

I am also in the IT industry and would like faster speeds. According to the map there is service on either side and behind me but not down my street. Are there any plans to connect this are between the Caney Springs zone and Azalee subdivision? (Pyles Rd)

UniFi Campaign - Trey Miller

3:31pm November 19, 2017

Trey Miller

Missy is there a plan to bridge the gap between the Nolensville/Brentwood area and the College Grove area? Many of us on or just off Osburn Road would like the option to use a better communications company than our current offerings. Given the addition of more roof tops in the area already and more on the way I would think it would be a great opportunity for United to start expanding the infrastructure in the Arrington/Triune area between nolensville road and wilson pike.

UniFi Campaign - Dee Hicks

4:21pm November 15, 2017

Dee Hicks

I’m in the computer industry and work from home full time. My broadband internet has been rock solid but I would like to have more bandwidth. I have the Triple Play Package and would like to hook up additional HD TVs. Thanks in advance.

UniFi Campaign - Wade Williams

4:08pm April 3, 2017

Wade Williams

Please extend service to the Norfolk Lane / Mer Rouge area in Nolensville. From your map, fiber is already available just two streets away on Countryside. I am DYING to dump Comcast.

UniFi Campaign - Missy Michaels

4:09pm March 6, 2017

Missy Michaels
Campaign Owner

Jason Farley-- We are in discussion with a number of different providers and various local and state agencies to figure out the best ways to address broadband needs in rural areas. Thanks for the info-- I'll pass this along!

UniFi Campaign - Missy Michaels

4:06pm March 6, 2017

Missy Michaels
Campaign Owner

Mathew Adkins-- Thanks for your question. We do not currently have plans to connect these tow areas, but that may change in the future. This map really allows us to track interest and then build where the highest level of demand exists. Old Unionville Road area includes 215 parcels -- we typically establish a goal of 50% penetration in order to build out new fiber connections.

UniFi Campaign - Matthew Adkins

3:53pm March 6, 2017

Matthew Adkins

I'm looking at your new zone in the old unionville road area and I'm wondering if there are any plans to connect that to unionville deason road as I live on the corner of Parsons and Old Nashville Dirt rd and that would cross my path. Also I notice that you are looking for 100 homes to sign up but you also stated that there are 125 homes in the area so does that mean that before you bring fiber to the area 80 percent of homes in the zone you are prospecting have to sign up first?

UniFi Campaign - Jason Farley

7:16pm March 3, 2017

Jason Farley

have you guys reached out the tennessee valley authority to maybe run fiber to the location that mr. wilkinson mentioned? (of course i ask because this would run right by my house lol) the reason I ask is that there is an electrical substation (address 3070 Fayetteville Hwy) that you may be able to help supply state of the art fiber to for a smarter electrical grid. i'm sure there may be a state grant or contract that will help subsidize your company to run the fiber and save on your costs of deployment. or i may be thinking WAY to outside the box but it is a thought.

UniFi Campaign - Missy Michaels

2:03pm February 28, 2017

Missy Michaels
Campaign Owner

Mr. Wilkinson, Thank you for your message. Fiber is available in portions of Belfast. If you click on the map on the homepage-- fiber zones are outlined in green. You can zoom in to see exact streets where fiber is already available.

UniFi Campaign - John Wilkinson

7:38am February 22, 2017

John Wilkinson

I was told by United that fiber was available in Belfast near Fayetteville Hwy and MtZion Road intersection. Is it?

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