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11:47AM December 12, 2018

Chris Yorke

Will there be new zones added west of I-65. It appears everything pending or in progress is located in the corridor between I-65 and I-24. I know there is Fixed Wireless in the Cayce Springs Road area of Burwood but there is nothing north of I-840 available. I don't even see anything in that area as "gathering information"

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7:48PM January 30, 2019

United Communications
Chris-- All active zones are visible to customers on the map. We are continually adding new goal zones. There are also many areas not visible to customers where we are gathering registrations for possible future zones. As we see concentrations of interest, we add new goal zones. Currently, there are active zones in areas between I-65, I-24, and Nolensville/Brentwood (North of I-840). However, we also accept site registrations from any address across Middle Tennessee. You will get messaging upon registration letting you know which zone type your address currently falls under- in-service, pre-registration, or remote/future. If service is available or we are currently gathering pre-registrations in your area, you will also see that information as well. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to email