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12:45PM October 12, 2018

Duke Griff

This is great that they are expanding but I feel like they really are not going to reach the rural areas that they are advertising about. I live off of ash hill rd and there is service not far down the road but I am afraid that we are in "too rural" of an area seeing as how there are no big housing developments. So alas we have to use satellite internet that is not reliable and limits us on what we can do over the internet. We do not even have the option for DSL. And I am going to venture a guess that not enough people live in my area to expand the network that way. But I guess we will see although I am not hopeful.

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2:39PM October 12, 2018

United Communications
Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are focused on bringing broadband service to underserved areas in Mid TN. We deploy a number of different types of access technology in order to tackle even some of the most rural areas. Your registration will allow us to track and monitor progress in your area and keep you informed when future expansion plans are announced. As you can imagine, the expansion will be a multi-year process, but your registrations play a crucial part in helping us determine where to bring our Internet service next.